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Results are in for 2024 APEX
Awards for Publication Excellence

Results are in for the 2024 APEX
Awards for Publication Excellence

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APEX Awards
What is APEX and who sponsors it?
APEX is the Annual Awards for Publication Excellence Competition. It is open to communicators in corporate, nonprofit and independent settings. APEX 2024 is the 36th annual APEX, which began in 1988. APEX is sponsored by the editors of Writer's Web Watch, an e-newsletter for communicators who write, edit and manage business publications. Writer's Web Watch is published by Communications Concepts, Inc., providing problem-solving information to professional communicators since 1984.
What does Communications Concepts, the APEX sponsor, do?
Communications Concepts, Inc. helps publishing, PR and marketing professionals improve publications and communications programs. Concepts has published Writer's Web Watch and its predecessors since 1984. Writer's Web watch is an authoritative e-newsletter on print, Web, electronic and social media. Concepts also publishes, a website for business writers and communicators, and the Writing That Works Archives, a resource on practical writing, editing and publishing for corporate, nonprofit, agency and independent communicators. In addition, Concepts provides consulting services to organizations in the communications field.
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When and where may I enter?
Click here: APEX Awards entries
What award categories may I enter?
For APEX 2025, you can enter materials produced or dated from January 2024 through February 2025, even if they carry a later date. Any new categories or changes will be announced on or about November 15, 2024. See all current categories here: APEX Award Categories
How soon can I enter APEX 2025?
APEX 2025 call for entries will be announced on or about November 15, 2024.
What is the entry deadline for APEX 2024?
The deadline for entries has passed. Registrants and entrants with questions or those who have NOT submitted payment should send an email to or call us at 703-643-2200.
How do I use the online entry form?
Go to the APEX online entry site: APEX Awards entries

Click the "My Account" tab at the top of the page, then fill out the information under the heading on the right: "Create a New Account."

All entrants, even those who entered a previous APEX competition, must create a new account.

Complete the information requested and click on "Register."

After you do so, you will reach the home page, where you can click "Enter Now" to begin your submission.  PLEASE BE SURE TO PROVIDE ALL PARTICIPANT INFORMATION (spelled correctly!) ALONG WITH TITLES so that, if you receive an award, the plaque or certificate is error-free.

The information you provide here is what will appear on any award you may receive.

Be sure to click SAVE. That way, you can return to your data on the site whenever you wish. Just click the LOGIN button on return visits.

PLEASE NOTE: The Contact Person will receive any APEX emails or mailings, including award notifications. The Contact Person is not necessarily the Award Winner (if you win). The Award Winner (if you win) is the person you list on the Entry page (when you click the 'Add Entry' button). The Award Winner can be you, other staff, an organization or a client.
How do I add entries?
For new entries, click on "Enter Now."  To continue working on an entry that has not yet been submitted, click on "In Progress" under "My Applications" in the menu on the left.

Fill out the Name, Title, and/or Organization fields. (If you win an award, this information will appear on your award certificate.)

Select the appropriate "Category" (e.g., Newsletters) and "Sub-Category" (e.g. Most Improved Newsletters) from the drop down menus.

Enter the exact title of your entry in the "Submission Title" box.

If there are additional participants responsible for your entry, you may enter them by cliucking on "Add Participant."

Click the "SAVE" button, or "Add to Cart" if you are finished.

Can I list more than one staff person?
If you wish, you can list a maximum of two additional colleagues who worked on your entry. Just click on the "Add Participant" box and enter their name(s) and job title(s).

PLEASE NOTE: If you're submitting an entry for a client, list their name and company under Entry/Entrant Information, on the "Click here to begin a new Submission." page. Should you win an award, it will include their names, but it will mail to the Contact Person listed on the 'Contact Person' page.

Are comments required?
No, comments and descriptions are definitely not required for your entries. You may, however, provide brief comments if you wish.
How do I upload my entries?
Upload your entry by following the instructions in the "Submission Materials" section. You can either provide a URL link to your entry, or upload a file such as a PDF*, Word or text file, video, graphic file, etc.

To upload a FILE of your entry, click the SELECT field, and then choose "Upload Files."

Click the "Choose File" button. Then go to the file on your computer, choose it, and it will appear on the File Upload screen.

Click the "Upload" button for each file you want to upload. Your computer or documents window will open to select a file. Once uploaded, a preview will appear.

You can VIEW your uploaded file by clicking on the file name that appears. This DOWNLOADS a copy to your desktop. If you change your mind, you can delete it by clicking on the garbage can icon.

To upload a URL of your entry, click the "URL"s box, and type or paste the url in the box that appears. When you finish uploading files and/or URLs, click the SAVE button. You will see a confirming message saying Open Link in New Window

How do I pay for my entries and submit them for judging?
After you have completed entering the information on the entry page, click on "Add to Cart." You will see all items in your cart. You can remove items, make another submission or check out.

You will see the total amount due at the bottom of the cart.

The entry fee is $199. The preferred method for payment is by credit card.  (We accept VISA, MC and AMEX) You may also pay by check. Click your payment choice and then click on "Process."

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to upload your entry file(s) or provide an entry URL on the Uploads page BEFORE you submit your entry for judging. Once you submit your entry, you will not be able to go back and make changes.

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Do I need expensive publications to win an APEX award?
Not at all. Obviously, the judges see some impressive entries produced at great cost. But we also enjoy reading modestly-funded publications that showcase imaginative strategies and creative, effective communication. They also win APEX awards.
Can I enter APEX even if I'm a non-subscriber?
Yes! You do not have to subscribe to our e-newsletter, Writer's Web Watch, to enter APEX.
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APEX awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry -- in the opinion of the judges -- in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence.
The panel of judges includes John De Lellis, Concepts Editor & Publisher; Kenneth J. Turtoro, APEX Executive Editor and noted publishing and marketing executive with management stints at Elsevier, Penton Publishing, Medical Economics, Chemical Week Associates, Lebhar-Friedman and Reed (Cahners) Travel Group, among others; Christine Turner, Contributing Editor of Writer's Web Watch and Writing That Works; and Anne Gilio, Consulting Editor.
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Entry Fees
The entry fee is $199.
The charge will appear on your credit card statement under APEX, or under our company name, Communications Concepts, Inc. -- or both! Your credit card company may even abbreviate (a.k.a., mangle :-) our company name to something like "APEX AWARDS CONCEPTS, or "COM CONCEPTS APEX" or "COM CONCEPTS INC".
No, you do not. Since Communications Concepts, Inc. is a corporation, you are not required to obtain a 1099 tax form from us. And since Communications Concepts, Inc. is a corporation, you are not required to obtain Concepts' federal I.D. number in order to send an APEX entry fee, order additional certificates, subscribe to our free e-newsletter, Writer's Web Watch. To minimize identity theft, we do not publish our federal I.D. number. Canada GST-exempt.
Simply tell us it's confidential on the online entry form.
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All entrants will have access to the list of winning entries by mid July. APEX Award winners will be listed in a special Awards Report. Grand Award winners will receive attractive plaques commemorating their winning entries, shipped via UPS or another delivery company. Award of Excellence winners will receive attractive certificates describing their winning entries, suitable for framing, shipped via USPS.
Yes. APEX winners may order additional certificates and plaques for co-workers, supporting vendors and clients by filling out this Order Form. Certificate orders must be placed online. They cannot be phoned or mailed in.
You can publicize your winning APEX Awards with announcements in print media, on your website, blog, social media and through emails. APEX Award-winners receive a printed logo stat with their award(s).

You can simply copy and paste this html code into your website to link to our site:
<a href=></a>

Award winners may also download the APEX logo and link to

2024 Logo: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2023 Logo: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2022 Logo:
2021 Logo: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2020 Logo: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2019 Logo: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2018 Logo: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2017 Logo: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF

2024 Winner: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
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2021 Winner: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2020 Winner: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2019 Winner: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2018 Winner: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF
2017 Winner: GIF  |  JPG  | PDF

Trademark notice
The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence logo is a registered trademark owned by Communications Concepts, Inc. The website,, is a registered website owned by Communications Concepts, Inc. Permission is hereby given to winners in APEX 2024 and all previous years to display electronic and print versions of the APEX logo in their winning print and electronic publications, and online, on their sites and social media. APEX Award Winners also may display the logo when referencing their winning entries -- for example, when mentioning a winning blog or magazine entry in their annual report, or a winning brochure or communications campaign on their website, Facebook, or other social media page. Only APEX Winners may display the APEX Winner Logo.

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