APEX 2018 Additional Certificates Order Form

Your chance to give a “pat on the back” to deserving staff, freelancers and vendors.

If you won an APEX 2018 Award (or Awards), you may want to order additional award certificates—for yourself, or for other staff, departments or organizations, vendors and freelancers who helped produce the winning entries.

You may order exact duplicates of the initial award certificate you received, and/or you also may order award certificates individualized for each staffer or vendor/freelancer who helped create the winning entry.

NOTE! Certificate orders must be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AmEx) and may only be placed online, using this online form.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Certificate Fees
$20  Certificates (ea.)
$75  Add for Plaque (ea.)
$50  Shipping charge per plaque (for overseas plaque orders, except North and South America). 

All APEX Award of Excellence Winners, at the time winning entries were announced, received one (1) certificate at no charge for each winning entry.  Each certificate included the name of the person and/or organization as it appeared on your entry form.  

All APEX Grand Award Winners, at the time winning entries were announced, received one (1) plaque-mounted certificate at no charge for each winning entry.

To place your order for extra certificates, and/or plaques, simply fill out this online form with your certificate information, shipping address and credit card payment information.

Clearly type the EXACT wording you’d like for additional certificates—names, titles, company, etc.  If you wish to order a certificate from the previous two years, choose the year below.

Sample Certificate Copy:
Most Improved Newsletters (entry category)
The Ace Reporter (entry title)
Judy Smith (name of staff person)
Publications Manager (job title)    (Note: Certificate may have up to 3 names and job titles)
Ace Software, Inc. (name of organization)

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Please be sure to verify the accuracy of all certificates before continuing.



A note to our customers and APEX 2018 participants --

Results for the APEX 2018, the 30th Annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence Competition, have been announced. Please see more information about the APEX 2018 Winners here.

Thank you for your participation in the 2018 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence!

Best of luck in APEX 2019!

Ken Turtoro
Executive Editor
The APEX Awards
Communications Concepts, Inc.

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